Online platform for a contextual research startup



Ipikkus is a contextual research startup inspired by food trucks. The van used by the researchers is equipped with all the tools necessary to broadcast live interviews and focus group sessions on customers' context of purchase and use. Clients can watch the interviews live and ask the researchers questions directly.

We designed all the digital platform of the company, from the public site to the authenticated areas. Clients can follow contracted projects live, researchers can add notes, pictures, and events of the interview day, and administrators can manage the whole tool.

The platform was designed to be responsive, working on desktop and mobile devices. The final delivery was an interactive and navigable prototype containing functional descriptions of all the elements of the screens.


  • A startup needed a platform to broadcast field interviews live and online.
  • Design based on interviews and informal usability tests with coworkers.
  • The final delivery was a high fidelity, navigable prototype.

My participation

  • Definition of the project scope
  • Planning of user roles and their tasks
  • Workflow of the system
  • Navigable prototype in Axure containing high fidelity wireframes and interactions


Initially, the proprietary company of Ipikkus only had a simple idea of what the platform should be. Try Consultancy and Research, the company for which I worked during this project, was hired because it had more than ten years of expertise in qualitative research. So, we designed the functionalities and workflow of the system the way we would like to use it.

The objetive was to design a full digital platform that could work as a meeting point for researchers and clients. For this, we projected the system for three distinct types of users, each one with their own specific needs:


  • Simulate quotes for new projects.
  • Watch live broadcasts of field interviews.
  • Read notes and observations of running projects.
  • Contact the researchers to ask questions and other requests.
  • Check the final report.


  • Broadcast field interviews live.
  • Update the project with notes, comments from participants, pictures, videos and other observations.
  • Check and update truck route and calendar.
  • Answer questions and requests from clients.
  • Write the final report and make it available to clients.


  • Manage quotes created by clients.
  • Create new projects and add researchers to it.
  • Manage the schedules of trucks and researchers.
  • Manage clients, researchers, and other administrators.

It was really fun to work on this project. Considering that our colleagues were also researchers, we were able to discuss tasks and workflows directly in the office. Usability tests were extremely informal because we only needed to invite another researcher around and ask for help. We presented a task, and they would solve it at the same time, also giving their opinions.

Above are presented some of the main pages designed in the project.

Live interviews

The live broadcast screen was the project focus from the beginning because it was the fundamental feature of the platform. All the platform grew around it.

Clients can check how the project is going on. They can watch live broadcasts with video, and read notes and other observations written by the researchers. They can also comment on the notes available and talk with the researchers via chat.

Desktop - Live interviews
Mobile - Live interviews

Team management

On the team management screen, administrators can add new users, check the researchers of each project and contact other users of the platform.

Desktop - Team management
Mobile - Team management

Truck calendar

Administrators can follow the trucks' schedule and create new events.

Desktop - Truck calendar
Mobile - Truck calendar

Online quote

Clients could get their quotes with a fixed price at the end of the process. All the workflow was designed to be as simple as possible, with a few options and tips for every question.

Desktop - Online quotes
Mobile - Online quotes

Try it!

Access the Axure prototype containing functional descriptions of all the elements of the screens (in Portuguese). Chrome users need to install Axure RP Extension for Chrome.

Project created at Try Consultoria e Pesquisas. Design team: Samyra Ribeiro.